Temperature Range Specifications on a Pressure Sensor


There are three temperature specification ranges on a pressure transducer...There are three different temperature ranges that you should understand when selecting a pressure transmitter:

Temperature Compensation Range

Operational Temperature Range

Storage Temperature Range

Each explains how the sensor will perform under different temperatures.

What is the Temperature Compensation Range?

Your pressure sensor should remain within the temperature compensation range if you expect it to perform accurately at all times. This is the range in which the transducer can accurately compensate for temperature changes.

What is the Operational Range?

To keep a pressure transmitter operational, but not necessarily performing within spec, make sure the temperature never falls outside the operational range. When the sensor is in an environment outside the operational range, it is at risk of failure.

What is the Storage Temperature Range?

To avoid damage to your pressure transducer, make sure you store it in an environment within the storage temperature range. Keep in mind, this is not a range for an operating sensor – this is for storing a sensor that is powered off. If kept within the proper range, the sensor will perform accurately when put into use.

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