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The FS-500 is a great fit for food prep and storage applicationsA few weeks ago we released our new, side-mount, stainless steel float switches, the FS-500s. They are designed and built here at our facility in Logan, Utah for long-lasting dependability in tough environments. And because you, our customers, use float switches in a wide variety of places to monitor many different liquids, we designed the FS-500 to be tough enough and versatile enough to be the only go-anywhere, use-everywhere horizontal float switch you need.

NSF Certifications on All Models

While stainless steel wetted materials is a good starting point, an all-purpose float switch doesn’t truly become all-purpose until it has been certified for use in all kinds of places. For the FS-500, that means NSF 169 certification. Every model—all three mountings, both temperature ranges—is NSF 169 certified. So if you have liquids to monitor in or around food preparation or production, the FS-500 has you covered.

Mounting Options

APG's FS-500 Stainless Steel Horizontal Float Switch with Dual NPTMFor a float switch to be all-purpose, it needs to have more than one mounting method. The FS-500 has three mounting configurations with four total mounting options! First, there are two dual-NPTM configurations: one with inner and outer ½" NPTMs, and one with an inner ¼” NPTM (i.e., a ¼” NPTM that mounts on the inside of the tank) and an outer ½” NPTM. That’s two configurations with three options. Then there is the bulkhead mount, with an interior gasket, ½ - 13 threads, and an exterior nut. So even if you have tanks, containers, etc., with multiple mounting arrangements for side-mount switches, you don’t need a full stock of every single mount.

Explosion Proof and General Use Ratings

There’s one more thing that a side-mount float switch needs if it’s truly going to be all-purpose: hazardous location ratings. If you can’t use it in hazardous locations, it can’t really “go anywhere.” The FS-500, though, has plenty of hazardous ratings. The standard temperature, dual-NPTM mount models carry explosion proof ratings in Class I, Class II, and Class III areas. The high temperature, dual-NPTM mount, and all bulkhead mount FS-500s carry CSA General Use approvals. It’s pretty hard to beat Class I, II, and III ratings when you need approvals for a float switch. Once again, the FS-500 excels at its job so you don’t have to worry about your job.

Go Anywhere, Use Everywhere

We get it. You may only need your horizontal float switches to do one thing (turn on and off when the liquid goes up or down), but you need it done in a variety of different places and situations. And you don’t want to buy and stock individual switches for each individual situation. That’s why we made the FS-500 Stainless Steel Horizontal Float Switch. With NSF 169 certification, multiple mounting choices, and hazardous location ratings from CSA, the FS-500 can be the one switch you need in all the places you need it. It truly is a go-anywhere, use-everywhere horizontal, stainless steel float switch.

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