The MPXI-F is Built For Oil and Gas Exploration


A lease tank for oil waiting to be picked up by a truckThere are some places where level and pressure measurement is easier than others. A rainwater collection tank for a garden, for instance. Anything associated with oil and gas exploration? No, that's not easy. From detailed regulations to keep people and the environment safe, to the various hazardous, poisonous, or corrosive chemicals involved, to the remote places where most drilling occurs, oil and gas exploration is a tough industry for level and pressure sensors. APG's new MPXI-F explosion proof, flexible stem, magnetostrictive probe is made to excel in these specific harsh conditions.

The MPXI-F Meets API 18.2 Requirements

Standards issued by the American Petroleum Institute--including Chapter 18.2, Custody Transfer of Crude Oil from Lease Tanks Using Alternative Measurement Methods, of the Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (API 18.2)--have been adopted as regulations or best practices by oil-producing countries around the world (pdf). For a level sensor without API 18.2 compliance, many oil and gas exploration applications are a no-go. Like the API 18.2 MPX-R and MPX-T before it, the MPXI-F meets the measurement accuracy requirements and provides the necessary the temperature reporting to be API 18.2 compliant.

The MPXI-F’s PVDF Stem is H2S Compatible

Many of the chemicals involved in oil and gas exploration do not "Play Well with Others," to put it mildly. But the toughest one to deal with might be hydrogen sulfide, or H2S. Hydrogen sulfide will eat stainless steel for breakfast and considers many plastics a lite snack. Knowing that hydrogen sulfide is an aggressive yet inescapable part of oil and gas exploration, APG created the particular blend of PVDF plastic used for the stem of the MPXI-F to withstand the nastiness that H2S can dish out. H2S may corrode many level measurement sensors, but it can't hurt the proprietary-PVDF-blend stem of the MPXI-F.

The MPXI-F’s PVDF Stem is Flexible

A PVDF-stem MPXI-F with curled stemNot only will the PVDF stem of the MPXI-F stand up to hydrogen sulfide, it bends and curls easily, simplifying and reducing the costs of shipping and installation. APG designed special shipping boxes that can hold two MPXI-F probes, each up to 25' long, or one MPXI-F probe up to 50' long. This means no more special, 50' boxes that require long flatbed trailers for delivery, and no cranes that have to be taller than the tank and probe together. That's a lot of cost savings.

MPXI-F is Designed For Remote Operation

Most lease tanks and other storage vessels associated with oil and gas exploration are in remote places where the supply of electrical power is limited. Whether these systems run on batteries, generators, or are dependent on solar cells, power consumption of every device is managed carefully so that critical equipment has enough power at all times. This is no place for a power-hungry level sensor. The MPXI-F has three key design features to maximize its utility in limited-power situations. First, it is designed for ultra-low power consumption. In an always-on scenario, both the 4-20 mA and Modbus outputs have been designed to be fully functional with the lowest power. Second, for power up-measurement-power down scenarios, the MPXI-F has a power up time of less than 5 seconds. That's a fully accurate, temperature-compensated measurement in less than 5 seconds, and at the low power consumption rate. Third, the MPXI-F PVDF-stem has an optional, independently wired, high-level switch. So even while the MPXI-F probe is powered down, the high-level switch can provide an overfill or overflow alarm.

The MPXI-F is Built For Your Success

From top to bottom and inside to out, the explosion proof, flexible stem MPXI-F is built for use in demanding environments of oil and gas exploration. It can handle the aggressive chemicals, carries world-wide hazardous location certifications, and reduces critical shipping, installation, and operational costs. Whether it's in lease tanks or any other oil storage tanks, the MPXI-F is built for success. Your success.

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