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While APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches might look like your average float switch at first glance, the truth is they are far from being JUST another float switch. APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches have unparalleled repeatability in actuation and 100% repeatability of float position. To achieve this, APG’s Stainless Steel Horizontal Float Switches and Vertical Float Switches are expertly engineered, from the electrical components to the stainless steel shell, providing greater accuracy and a longer sensor life span that is simply not found in other float switches on the market.


The APG Vertical Float Switch Advantage


Single Piece Stem Prevents Leaks, Weakness, and Corrosion

APG’s float switch advantage begins with a single-piece stem that is standard on all FS-400, FS-410 and FS-500 models. The full stem of a float switch typically consists of two pieces: the stem and the fitting. Most companies weld the float switch fitting to the stem of the switch creating a weak spot at the weld causing leaks or corrosion that ultimately lead to failed switches. To make the stem on APG’s float switches as robust as possible, a single-piece stem made of 316L Stainless Steel was manufactured, which allowed weak points on the stem to be eliminated. By having a single piece stem, APG’s float switches are less susceptible to sensor failure caused by leaks and corrosion.

Advanced Internal Switch Design

The robust engineering and manufacturing practices on the internal pieces of APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches spare APG’s float switches from internal failures seen with other float switches on the market. To create a stronger and more reliable sensor, APG fully potted the stem of the float switch, a major upgrade from competitor floats that use tape or glue to hold electrical components in place, or only use minimal amounts of potting. By fully potting the stem, the internal components of APG’s sensor are locked in place so the float will always activate the switch at the same fluid level.

100 W Switch Rating on All Models

With a 100 W switch rating, all models, including APG’s miniature float switch, are less likely to experience electrical burnout than competitor float switches, which typically have 30 W and 60 W switch ratings. Because APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches feature a 100 W switch the need for a relay is less important, which makes installing the switches simpler. Let’s face it, APG’s float switches were simply made to handle a higher electrical load no matter the size of the switch.

Industry Leading High Temperature Specification

Want a float switch that can withstand the heat? APG’s high temperature float switches are what you are looking for. With a maximum temperature specification of 500° F, APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches have a higher temperature rating than most switches on the market. APG’s standard temperature float switch models are specified at -40 to 368° F (-40 to 187° C) and the high temperature models are specified at -40 to 500° F (-40 to 260° C). When APG tested its float switches’ performance at specified maximum temperature and pressure against the competition’s switch at their specified maximum temperature and pressure, APG’s sensor lasted beyond 1 million cycles at full temperature and pressure, while the competition’s switch blew apart before the maximum temperature was even reached (image below). If the temperature of the liquid being measured is a concern, then APG’s float switches are your answer.

Competitor float switch that blew apart before reaching temperature specification.
Competitor float switch that failed during testing before reaching the temperature specification.

NSF and CSA Certifications

APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches feature both CSA and NSF approvals so they can be used in more applications. All of APG’s Standard Temperature Stainless Steel Float Switch models carry CSA Class I, II and III Explosion Proof certifications, which means they can be used in areas with explosive gases, dusts or fibers. While the High Temperature Stainless Steel Float Switch models are certified for General Use, all models have single seal approval for increased safety. Finally, every FS-400, FS-410, and FS-500 is NSF 169 certified for use in special purpose food equipment.

Built for Convenience

On top of all the advanced engineering that was put into APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches, APG added additional conveniences to the float switches that provide peace of mind and ease installation and maintenance. This process began by giving our sensors a solid e-clip that is only tool removable. With APG’s secure e-clip, there is no fear of the float coming off the stem, yet the ability to have user reversibility is maintained. Next, APG found a solution to maintain those pesky wires that get in the way while tightening the sensor into the fitting. By adding a wire guide, all of the wires stay uniform, so wires don’t get caught while attaching the fitting. The thought was that using a float switch should be simple and functional in all aspects, after all, it is a simple device.

The bottom line is APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches work better than most float switches on the market. APG’s float switches are more robust, more accurate, more dependable, and they are backed by an industry-leading 2-year warranty. Contact our Measurement Experts today to start experiencing the APG Float Switch advantage.

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