Tutorial Video For The DCR-1003/1004


When stand alone pump control is needed for either a simple control application, or for a back-up pumping system, the DCR controllers and DST ultrasonic level sensors are well suited for the job.

This 3 minute video illustrates how to both connect the liquid level sensor to the controller, and how to program the controller. A specific example of fill control with hysteresis is used, with the pump turning on at 48 inches from the transducer face, and turning off once the level rises to within 36 inches from the sensor.

Video Transcript

Narrator: Hello, and welcome to APGTV. I’m Shaw Merrill, and today we’re going to show you how to do pump control with the DCR-1003/1004 series controller.

Pump control with the DCR controllers is very simple. This controller is used in conjunction with the DST ultrasonic sensors for stand-alone pump control. Today, we want to show you how to set it up using a fill control application with hysteresis.

We’ll turn the pump off at the higher level, 36 inches from the transducer face. And it will remain off until we come within 48 inches of the transducer. It will then stay on until the level rises back to within 36 inches.

Wiring Instructions

Step 1: First unlatch the cover and remove the keyboard by loosening the screws. Attach the A/C power cable to the terminal block labeled A/C in the lower right hand corner, and replace the keyboard.

Step 2: Next, connect the sensor’s coaxial cable to the RF connector on the bottom of the controller box. Plug in the A/C power cable and check the com light to verify communication from the sensor. You may also notice the sensor starts to click.

Programming Instructions

Now it’s time to program the controller. You’ll use the keypad to navigate through the options.

The mode up and mode down buttons scroll through the various modes, and the number up and number down buttons scroll through the options inside the modes. The enter button is used to select a value and return to the main menu.

Step 1: First, we have to find mode 1 to select the units of measure. Use the mode buttons to scroll through the modes until the screen shows the number 1. Use the number buttons to scroll through the options.

We want inches for this example, which is option 1.

Step 2: Now we’ll scroll up to mode 12 to set the high level on our relay, which will turn the pump off. This mode is called “Begin Trip 1” in the user manual.

We’ll set this to 36 inches from the transducer face.

Step 3: Use the mode up button to jump to mode 13. This is our low level for the relay, and is referred to as “End Trip 1” in the user manual. This will turn the pump on.

We’ll set it at 48 inches from the transducer face.

Step 4: Finally we have to select our trip type, which tells the relay how to behave. Use the mode up button to get to mode 14. You can refer to page 21 in the user manual to see the different trip types.

We want trip type 5, to give us fill control with hysteresis.

Once you’ve programmed the controller, run a quick test by raising and lowering the ultrasonic to test your trip points. The red light will turn on when the pump should activate at 48 inches. It will turn off with the pump at 36 inches.

With a successful test, you’re finished and can close the controller cover.

Thanks for watching this demo on pump control with the DCR-1003/1004 series controller. If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-525-7300, or send us an email to sales@apgsensors.com. For APGTV, I’m Shaw Merrill.

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