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APG walks you through a variety of product protection considerations. An APG product that is properly protected can last for years to come! Learn how.

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Thank you for choosing APG sensors as a solution for your automation needs. At APG, we design and build our sensors to deliver accurate and consistent readings for years. A proper installation ensures conditions are optimal for long-term sensor performance. This video will help you through the elements of the installation process. Determining that all connections are made correctly and that all sensor components are protected from environmental hazards.

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Before you begin installing your sensor locate the sensor information. You will find this information either on a label attached to the sensor or marked directly on the sensor housing. Depending on the model. Check the sensor wiring. Verify that the sensor communication type matches the system the sensor is being installed into. Before you begin working with the sensor, properly ground yourself to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge.

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As you wire the sensor into the system, check each connection to ensure proper wiring. For example, this sensor uses the red wire for positive power, black wire for ground or negative power, white for positive RS-485 signal and green for negative RS-485 signal. Check the wiring of the corresponding equipment to make sure that the sensor is wired properly to it.

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Wires must be placed to prevent damage. Make sure wires are not positioned where they might be pinched by an enclosure or worn by moving parts. If installing the sensor into an older existing system. Check for short circuits caused by deterioration of wire insulation. To prevent damage from ground loops, wire the grounds for the sensor, power supply and other equipment together to a common ground.

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If this is not feasible, include a resistor or break in the shield or add an isolation transformer to the circuit. Depending on where your sensor is installed, it may be necessary to take measures to prevent environmental damage to the sensor, wires, or connectors. Be sure that your sensor is rated to withstand any hazards that may be present at the installation site. Even with an appropriate sensor,

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environments that are humid, dusty or that contain corrosive gases can cause damage inside the sensor - if the cable or connector junction is not properly sealed. If the sensor has a vent tube, it should have a gore patch seal installed at the end of the vent tube. Prevent environmental damage by properly installing the sensor and by enclosing all wiring junctions in an appropriately rated enclosure.

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If the sensor is in a humid environment, it may be necessary to include desiccant packets inside of the cable junction enclosure to remove any residual moisture. Another potential source of damage to be wary of is electrical hazards. As already mentioned, ESD damage can be caused by handling the sensor without proper protection. Damage can also be caused to the sensor by fast transient voltage surges caused by starting and stopping inductive loads such as a variable speed motor on the same circuit as a sensor.

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Long cable runs, like those used in an RS-485 daisy chain, can also increase induced surge risk. Another ever present danger is power surge caused by lightning strikes. These risks can be mitigated by adding protection components such as fuzes, PPTCs, TVS diodes, GDTs, and SIDACtors. There are a variety of surge protection devices available for both power and communication circuits, depending on the specific hazards of your installation.

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Thank you for choosing APG for your sensor needs. Taking the time to properly install your sensor will ensure reliable, accurate measurements for years to come. If you need assistance with installing or setting up your APG sensor, don't hesitate to contact our factory at 1-877-373-5940 for technical support.

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