Water Distributor Finds Inventory Management Tool


Spring water vending kioskA unique water distribution outfit in New England lets customers fill their own bottles from a network of filling kiosks. The challenge? Keeping the kiosks stocked.

You may think that stocking water is a pretty simple and low cost operation. The fact is, moving any bulk liquid is expensive. It means owning a fleet of trucks capable of pumping and transporting the water. These trucks cost about $180k per year to own and operate (according to DP&C Enterprises, an industrial logistics firm).

The trick is to optimize the routes, and make sure your annual $180k is as productive as possible.

The enemy to anybody moving bulk liquids is waste. If your algorithm says the tank should be empty in two weeks, but it isn’t, then you’ve just wasted a trip. You must know the tank level before you go anywhere.

So they sought us out for our LOE ultrasonic sensor, which transmits level data over the Internet to a secure website. Inventory managers can login to the sight from any browser (on any capable device), and see level data for their entire network of tanks.

In addition, the website sends emails and text messages to alert personnel when tank levels reach a pre-defined level.

Here’s what our customer had to say about our LOE ultrasonic sensor:

“This management tool will greatly enhance our ability to dispatch our vehicles, check our inventory and maintain a constant record of inventory dispensed - all from our laptop, from our office, or from anywhere else for that matter—all in ‘real time’—24/7!”

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