Why the PT-405 Excels in Harsh Environments

MONSTER TRUCKWhat is it about a pressure transducer that makes it fit for use in harsh environments? "Insanely strong," "unbelievably tough," "the grittiest of them all," and other things that might be yelled by the announcer at a monster truck rally come to mind. And while grading pressure sensors on the "Monster Truck Scale of AWESOMENESS!" might not be helpful, thinking about a pressure sensor surviving a monster truck rally gives us a good jumping off point (just like the truck ramp!) for looking at why the Series PT-405 Explosion Proof, Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer excels in harsh environments.


For anything that operates in rough and rugged environments, solid physical construction is a must, and the PT-405 is solid, solid, solid. It starts with a compact, 316L SS can (2.5” for analog outputs, 3.9” for RS-485 Modbus) filled with encapsulant to absorb shocks and vibration. Both the electrical connection and process connection are laser welded, resulting in an IP65-rated case. Throw in a single seal rating for safety factor, and the ability to handle up to 30,000 psi, and it’s clear that the PT-405 has the physical package to not only succeed, but thrive, in aggressively adverse environments.


Explosion Proof PT-405 Pressure TransducerJust because an instrument can physically endure the beating dished out by the environment it lives in doesn’t mean that the protected electronics provide a meaningful output. The PT-405, however, has the goods on the inside that are worth protecting. It has one digital and three analog output options, and standard or extended internal temperature compensation ranges. But more important than just output options is the accuracy of that output: the PT-405 comes with up to ± 0.1% NIST certified Best Fit Straight Line accuracy. That’s a sensitive output worth protecting.


Ok, it can take a licking and keep on ticking, but how long will it tick straight? That’s a quality question. And the answer comes in three parts: first, a one-year zero drift rating of ≤ 0.5% of full scale; second, APG’s standard warranty of 24 months; and third, our NIST certification and recalibration program. In straight English, microscopic change over time, plus a warranty and a recalibration program to keep your PT-405 ticking straight. That’s the reliability you need from a heavy duty pressure sensor.

So a durable sensor, with a reliable, quality output, how can it get better? Let’s look at the whole package. The PT-405 isn’t just tough, it’s CSA-rated Explosion Proof tough. And it carries that rating over its whole range—30,000 psi—and across all available outputs, analog and digital. Not a fraction of the range, or one or two outputs: all ranges, all outputs, all the time.

The Explosion Proof, Heavy Duty PT-405 Pressure Transducer: durability, sensitivity, and reliability, all in one tough little package.

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