Why the Series PT-510 Excels in Well Water Measurement

APG's new Series PT-510 submersible pressure transducerIn February we introduced our newest submersible pressure transducer, the Series PT-510. The Series PT-510 is an OEM-ready submersible transducer, with a maximum depth of 46 feet. Today, let’s look at three specific advantages of using the PT-510 in well water measurement.

PT-510 dimensionsThe size of the PT-510 is its first advantage in well water measurement. At less than an inch (0.9” / 21.9 mm) in diameter, the PT-510 is perfectly suited for suspending in 1” conduit. This means it can be used in smaller spaces, in wells with limited cross-sectional area. If you can drop a 1” conduit in it, you can put a PT-510 in it.

The PT-510 scores another advantage with the materials we use to make it. The sensor body is all 18-8 stainless steel, with a neoprene seal, and a PVC nose cone. So, not only will the water not hurt your sensor, the sensor won’t leech into the water, either.

The final advantage of the PT-510 we’ll look at is output. With a 4-20 mA output signal, your PT-510 can be installed up to 15,500 feet away from your controller. That’s a lot of freedom, which is always an advantage.

The PT-510 is a simple, straight-forward submersible pressure transducer, and it simply excels in well water level measurement.

Need more? You can check out the Series PT-510 for yourself, or drop our Measurement Experts a line. You can even visit us on Facebook and tell us how the PT-510 meets your needs.


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