Rainwater Harvesting

Map showing the extent of drought in the continental United States as of 27 October 2020At the time of this writing, the American Intermountain/Southwest is in the grip of an extensive drought. 100% of the population of the Four-Corners states (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona) and Nevada are experiencing D1 or worse drought, which makes what little water there is that much more precious. And while use of the water in rivers, reservoirs, and aquifers is subject to highly negotiated rights, and the use of wells is dependent on the location of the wells, there is a source of water that is gaining in popularity, despite its irregularity: rainwater.

What Is Wastewater Treatment?

Waste activated sludge is pumped into this pond for bacteria to munch onCommercial wastewater occupies its own strange space between residential wastewater and industrial wastewater. While the mixture of residential wastewater may vary from house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood, the basic sources are the same: toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers, laundry equipment, and kitchen sinks and dishwashers. And industrial wastewater varies from location to location based on both scale and chemical make-up. But commercial wastewater is just different...

Discrete Level Indicators: Switches To Keep Your Operation Afloat

 row of stainless steel liquid water level sensors and float switchesYou have liquid in containers, and you must keep track of the liquid in those containers. You already know that liquid level measurements come in two types: continuous measurements that give ongoing feedback about the level of the liquid being measured, and discrete measurements that provide, essentially, a Yes or No answer to the question, "Is the liquid at this particular level?" But which technology type is the right one for you? Your liquids don’t require "up-to-the-minute" monitoring, you just need to know when "critical levels" are reached. Congratulations, you need a float switch!

Industrial Applications for Magnetostrictive Probes

This row of fuel storage tanks could use a set of magnetostrictive probes for accurate level monitoringMagnetostrictive Float Level Probes are built to provide highly accurate, continuous measurements in the toughest environments. The electro-magnetic measurement technology is extremely precise, and when protected by an appropriate stem material, it is unaffected by almost all potential environmental interferences. While other sensor technologies might handle one or two of these challenging situations, magnetostrictive probes can work through all of them.