3 Reasons APG's Tank Mesh Wireless Excels in Remote Measurement Monitoring

remote tanksOften, when we talk about Remote Monitoring, we’re talking about having access to your monitoring system when you are not on site. That is, it’s for monitoring for when you are remote from the system. But what about when it’s the system that is remote?

Whether it’s a tank several miles up hill from a control house or pressure transducers along a pipeline, there are many examples of level and pressure measurements that are a long way from any control system. And when it’s the measurements that are remote, there’s only so much an internet connection can do for you.

With that in mind, here are three reasons APG’s Tank Mesh Wireless communication excels in remote measurement monitoring situations.

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Santa's PG7 Altimeter

Santa's Sleigh and ReindeerDuring the holiday season each year, we often hear familiar questions:

  1. Is Santa real?
  2. How do reindeer fly?
  3. How can Santa deliver presents to the whole world in one night?

  4. Or my favorite:
  5. What keeps Santa and his reindeer from passing out when flying at high altitudes?

While the first three questions are better left to other experts, APG provided a solution for question #4: