The FS-500 is the Only All-Purpose Horizontal Float Switch You Need

The FS-500 is a great fit for food prep and storage applicationsA couple of weeks ago we released our new, side-mount, stainless steel float switches, the FS-500s. They are designed and built here at our facility in Logan, Utah for long-lasting dependability in tough environments. And because you, our customers, use float switches in a wide variety of places to monitor many different liquids, we designed the FS-500 to be tough enough and versatile enough to be the only go-anywhere, use-everywhere horizontal float switch you need.

3 Advantages of the DDX Explosion Proof Panel Meter

Use the DDX Explosion Proof Panel Meter on oil and gas drilling rigsIf inventory control is part of your job, then worrying about product levels is just something you do. “Do we have enough? How do I know we have enough? What do the sensors say? Can I trust the sensors?” These questions are a natural part of the job. Adding hazardous locations to the mix only makes the questions more stressful. It’s important in these types of situations to have the best and safest equipment possible and often this means explosion proof panel meters.

Awesome Upgrades for the FS-400 and FS-410 Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switches

The FS-400 and FS-410 are NSF 169 approved for specialty food equipmentLast fall, we introduced two new lines of float switches, the Series FS-400 Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch and the Series FS-410 Miniature Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch. With all stainless steel wetted materials, user-reversible logic function, and simple NPT and hex nut mounting, the FS-400 and FS-410 are versatile and reliable float switches. Now we are excited to announce that we have significantly expanded the capabilities of the switches. These new specs take the FS-400 and FS-410 from being two good float switches to being two of the best float switches.