Taking The Mystery Out Of Sensor Outputs

oscilloscope and multimeter stackedEver wondered about sensor outputs? Why are there so many to choose from? Why not just standardize on one output, and be done?

Let’s take a quick look through the most popular types of sensor outputs. Each type has strengths and weaknesses that give it advantages in certain situations. Matching these qualities with your situation will help you maximize your sensors’ performance.

What Kind Of Sensor Do You Need? Asking The Application Questions

tanks with overhead pipesSo, you find yourself in need of a sensor. It happens to the best of us. How do you decide which sensor to buy? Or even what kind of sensor you need? Before you choose a vendor, you have to know which product you want them to provide. So how do you decide?

Today, let’s ask the Application Questions. A thorough interrogation of the application will lead you to the kind of sensor that best matches your needs.

DIY Guide To Calibrating Your Pressure Transducer

workbenchOld Reliable is reliable. And you trust your sensors to be reliable. Really, what’s the point of a sensor that’s not reliable? If you can’t trust the readings, what’s the point in having the readings? There isn’t one.

And yet, even precision Swiss watches need a tune up. So it’s safe to assume that your pressure sensor may eventually need to be recalibrated (we recommend about once a year). Can you do it? How do you it? Let’s take a look.

Why You Should Re-Consider Your Go-To Sensor

Superman and American FlagEverybody has favorites. There’s nothing wrong with that. But when you stop considering the best option for you application, it becomes a problem.

A good example of this is ultrasonic sensors. Some people love them because they’ve had great experiences with them in the past. In other words, they happen to have had an application where ultrasonic level sensors perform optimally.

Other people distrust ultrasonics. In other words, they happened to have had an application that was not ideal for ultrasonic sensors. They really should have chosen a different sensor.

This scenario could repeat itself with just about any sensor technology you could imagine. That’s why you need to re-consider your go-to sensor.