PT-500 Prevents Storm Flooding

PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducer manages flood water in Minami tunnels

When the city of Miami Florida opened a ¾ mile tunnel roadway 127 ft. under the bay they knew they would need to have a plan in place to prevent flooding in case of a storm or hurricane. The tunnel is four lanes wide and extends from the mainland to the cruise line ports....

PG7 Takes Critical Aviation Tire Pressure Measurements

PG7 The aviation industry requires a reliable and accurate gauge to measure tire pressure between flights as dictated by periodic maintenance schedules. The PG7 Digital Pressure Gauge was originally designed for this purpose.

Tire pressures are critical for the safe operation of aircraft during takeoff and landing. APG's PG7 Digital Pressure Gauge has proven to be a great improvement over traditional mechanical gauges.