Wastewater & Water Monitoring Case Study

Two APG PG10 digital pressure gauges mounted on the door of a deep well control cabinet with remote heads on associated pipingAs technical writer, most of my time is spent at a computer, whether I'm writing blog posts or editing datasheets and manuals. And while I do write quite a bit about how APG's sensors can be used and which sensors are the most advantageous in various settings, my experience is almost all theoretical. Until Kurtis Williams with Logan City Water and Waste Water agreed to show me where and how they use APG's sensors.

Makin' Bacon The APG Way

Makin' Bacon The APG Way Is there really anyone who doesn’t like bacon? Bacon, the food we add to other foods to make them more delicious. Obviously, the answer is no. Bacon is one of the most delicious foods we have created, but do we really know what goes into making the delicious, salty treat? Learn how APG's Radar Level Transmitter saved one bacon manufacturer thousands of dollars by preventing production downtime caused by a chemical tank overflow.