APG Carwash Sensor

When we talk about our ultrasonic level sensor applications, most of the time we are talking about liquid level measurement. However, APG's IRU-2000 Object Detection Ultrasonic Sensor is actually widely used by carwash manufacturers to control the cleaning process in automatic carwashes to fit your vehicle's profile.

Have you ever been in an automatic carwash and wondered how the carriage with all the brushes and spray nozzle know where your car is and how wide or long it is? Well, there actually several ultrasonic sensors on that carriage and in the wash bay that read the presence and dimensions of your vehicle. The data collected from the sensors is sent to a controller and is used to control the cleaning process.

APG IRU-2000 Object Detection Ultrasonic Sensor

Because APG's IRU-2000 sensors are available with analog, digital, frequency and trip point outputs, they are perfect for carwash applications including carwash automation, distance measurement in the wash bay and vehicle profiling for wash and drying.

So the next time you are in a carwash, keep an eye out for the ultrasonic sensors. There is a good chance they were made by APG.

Think the IRU-2000 could be the right fit for your carwash? Contact us, we will help you find the right sensor for your carwash.

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