Ultrasonic level sensor used to measure the draft of barges

In the waterways off the Louisiana coast, APG ultrasonic level sensors are being used to measure the draft of barges.

The draft of a barge is the vertical distance between the waterline and bottom of the hull/keel. The draft determines the minimum depth of the water the barge can safely travel through. The barge draft can also be used in determining the weight of cargo which is calculated by the total displacement of the water caused by the barge.

The sensor used in this application is the IRU-2009S sensor with a voltage output. The IRU-2009S is mounted in a tube, then installed in a box, that is mounted to the edge of the barge's deck, with the sensor's face pointed towards the water.

There IRU-2009S is connected to the customer's wireless radios that send the measurement information to the operator's station.

With an accuracy of ± 0.25% of the detected range and a resolution of 0.1 inches (2.5 mm), the IRU-2009 is a vital part in determining data that is critical to the safety of traveling barges.

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