Ultrasonic Level Sensor used with Stilling Well

In some water level sensing applications whether they are tank level, river and lake height or similar, it is sometimes necessary to use an alternate mounting method especially when an unobstructed path to the target is not feasible or there is a lot of foam or turbulence which can disrupt water level readings. This is necessary, especially with ultrasonic technology.

MNU Ultrasonic Sensor mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer application

One such choice of alternate mounting is the use of a stilling well, as seen above with an MNU Ultrasonic Level Sensor, mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer application.

Stilling wells provide access to difficult areas where pipes or other equipment might interfere with water level sensor target readings. They also help eliminate signal problems associated with foam and turbulence because the water filling the stilling well is isolated from the water agitation that causes the turbulence and foam. The water in a stilling well will rise and fall according to the water levels that are being measured, but the water will be calm.

By using a stilling well in the appropriate applications, valuable level measurement data is accessible when otherwise it would very difficult if not impossible to obtain.

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