PG7 Takes Critical Aviation Tire Pressure Measurements

PG7 The aviation industry requires a reliable and accurate gauge to measure tire pressure between flights as dictated by periodic maintenance schedules. The PG7 Digital Pressure Gauge was originally designed for this purpose.

Tire pressures are critical for the safe operation of aircraft during takeoff and landing. APG's PG7 Digital Pressure Gauge has proven to be a great improvement over traditional mechanical gauges.

PG5 Tests Downstream Occlusion Alarms on Infusion Pumps

PG5 digital pressure gauge is used to test occlusion alarms on infusion pumpsOne of the many important features of an infusion pump is the “Downstream Occlusion Alarm”.

When an IV becomes obstructed, the pressure within the IV syringe and connected tubing will increase. When the pressure reaches its setting threshold, a downstream occlusion alarm will be activated.

To keep the settings of downstream occlusion alarms within required specifications, the APG PG5 digital pressure gauge is used by medical personnel worldwide to verify and test the settings of downstream occlusion alarms.

Flexible Stem Magnetostrictive Probe for Tall Tank Applications

MPX-F for tall tank applicationsIn some tall tank applications, the cost for a rigid stem measurement probe can be expensive when including the cost to ship a greater than 25 ft. probe which requires a crate. Often a crane is needed to help install such a tall sensor. In installations that have limited space above the tank, a rigid stem probe would not be a feasible choice. The options available for accurate tank level measurement can then diminish quickly.

Luckily there is a solution for accurate liquid measurement in tall tanks that won’t break the bank. It is the Magnetostrictive Probe with flexible stem (MPX-F). The MPX-F can be built in lengths up to 32 ft.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Used with Stilling Well in Water Level Sensing

MNU Ultrasonic Sensor mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer applicationIn some water level sensing applications whether they are tank level, river and lake height or similar, it is sometimes necessary to use an alternate mounting method especially when an unobstructed path to the target is not feasible or there is a lot of foam or turbulence which can disrupt water level readings. This is necessary, especially with ultrasonic technology.

One such choice of alternate mounting is the use of a stilling well, as seen above with an MNU Ultrasonic Level Sensor, mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer application.