Ultrasonic Level Sensor Used with Stilling Well in Water Level Sensing

MNU Ultrasonic Sensor mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer applicationIn some water level sensing applications whether they are tank level, river and lake height or similar, it is sometimes necessary to use an alternate mounting method especially when an unobstructed path to the target is not feasible or there is a lot of foam or turbulence which can disrupt water level readings. This is necessary, especially with ultrasonic technology.

One such choice of alternate mounting is the use of a stilling well, as seen above with an MNU Ultrasonic Level Sensor, mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer application.

Point Load Testing with a PG10 Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital pressure gauge for point load testingIn the civil, mining and geotechnical engineering realms, point load testing of core rock samples and irregular rock fragments are used to determine rock strength and rock compressive strength. This data is vital in when building tunnels, bridges and other buildings, where rock or ground integrity is always crucial to the support of structures.

The PG10 with its highly visible 2/3” LCD digits and 4.5 diameter face, is being used to monitor the force pressure in this type of testing. The PG10 is calibrated to read 99.71KN (kilo-newtons) at 10000 PSI.

Pressure Transmitter Reduces Flow Rate of City Water Supply

Pressure transmitter monitor city water flow rateUnder the city streets, lie Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) used to reduce the flow rate or velocity of the city's water supply as it comes off the mountain or from local rivers.

APG's PT-L1 Pressure Transmitter measures the inlet and outlet water pressures of the PRV. The PT-L1’s 4/20mA output signal is sent to a control system whereby city personnel can monitor the water pressures with a Smartphone, thus, helping prevent any possible water mishaps that could come from over pressured waterlines.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Measures the Draft of Barges

Ultrasonic level sensor used to measure the draft of bargesAPG's object detection ultrasonic levels sensors are being used to measure the draft of barges in the waterways off the Louisiana cost.

The draft of a barge is the vertical distance between the waterline and bottom of the hull/keel. The draft determines the minimum depth of the water the barge can safely travel through. The barge draft can also be used in determining the weight of cargo which is calculated by the total displacement of the water caused by the barge.