MPXI-F with coiled proprietary PVDF Stem and Floats

SS and PVDF Flexible Stem Float Level Transmitter

The Explosion-Proof MPXI-F features a flexible proprietary-PVDF or 316L SS braided-tubing stem for easy installation in tall tanks.

APG MPI-F Intrinsically Safe, Flexible Stem Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter

IS Flexible Float Level Transmitter For Tall Tanks

The MPI-F features a 316L SS flexible tubing braided stem that uncoils easily for simple installation in tall tanks.

APG MPI-T Intrinsically Safe, Titanium Stem Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter

Titanium Float Level Transmitter, Intrinsically Safe

With a 1"∅ titanium stem, Class I Div 1 and Class I Zone 0 approvals, and floats that just don't get stuck, the MPI-T is built to…

APG MPX-R MPX-T API 18.2 Custody Transfer Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
MPX API 18.2

API 18.2 Custody Transfer Level Probes

The MPX-R offers a 1"-diameter, stainless steel stem, while the MPX-T uses a 1"-diameter titanium stem for a larger range of chemical…

APG MPI-E Intrinsically Safe Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter

Intrinsically Safe Float Level Transmitter

Both the 0.5"∅ MPI-E and the 1.0"∅ MPI-R are built for long-lasting, dependable performance in harsh applications and hazardous…

MPX-R Magnetostricive Float Level Transmitter

Explosion Proof Float Level Transmitter

The MPX-E’s light weight design makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, while the MPX-R’ s large, robust floats and stem…

APG MPI-E Chemical Intrinsically Safe, Chemically Resistant Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter stem and floats
MPI-E Chemical

IS Float Level Transmitter For Harsh Environments

With a coating to keep the probe safe in corrosive liquids, and Intrinsic Safety ratings to keep your job site safe, the MPI-E Chemical…

Chemically Resistant PVDF Level Transmitter Stem with Floats
MPX-E Chemical

Chemically Resistant Level Transmitter

With a chemical-resistant PVDF stem and float, the MPX-E Chemical delivers precision measurements in corrosive, acidic, and marine…

Explosion Proof Resistive Level Transmitter with 1" Stem

Explosion Proof Resistive Level Transmitter - 1"

The RPM is made to work for you and is completely customizable for your needs including: probe length, float type, specific gravity, and…

Explosion Proof Resistive Level Transmitter with 1/2" Stem

Explosion Proof Resistive Level Transmitter - 1/2"

Every bit as durable as it's bigger brother, the RPM, the RP is designed for smaller tanks, up to 8 ft. (RPX) or 12.75 ft. (RPE) in…