• PG2 Digital Pressure Gauge
  • PG2 connected to a pipe with water in it has its pressure go up and down. The "Display on/off" button is pressed occasionally, which turns the display on momentarily before it turns off.
  • PG2 checks pressure in a pipe in the rain. The pipe is cutaway to reveal the water inside.

IP65 Digital Pressure Gauges


Long Lasting Performance at a Low Cost

The PG 2 is our base-line digital gauge with auto-off and re-zeroing functions, user selectable units of measure and an easy-to-read display.


The series PG2 IP65 Digital Pressure Gauge measures gas and liquid pressure with high accuracy at an affordable price. As our basic digital pressure gauge, the PG2 has a weatherproof case, 304L stainless steel wetted material that is compatible with many liquids and gases, and comes with easy to use features and an easy to read display.

Rugged Design
The series PG2 IP65 digital pressure gauge is our base-line digital gauge. Its rugged, weatherproof design carries an IP65 rating, so it stands up to outdoor and industrial environments.

Flexible Uses
The PG2 has all 304L stainless steel wetted material for compatibility with wide range of liquids and gases.

With Auto-off and Re-zeroing functions, user-selected Units of Measure, and a four digit, backlit, LCD display, the PG2 is easy to set up and easy to use.

Common Model Configurations

All common model configurations can be purchased online, click the model number link below. Refer to Model Number Configurator on the datasheet for a full list of configuration options.

Model Number Model Description
PG2-30 0-30 PSI gauge, 304L SS- 1/4" NPTM, 0.5%BSFL
PG2-50 0-50 PSI gauge, 304L SS -1/4" NPTM, 0.5% BSFL
PG2-100 0-100 PSI gauge, 304L SS - 1/4" NPTM, 0.5% BSFL
PG2-200 0-200 PSI gauge, 304L SS -1/4" NPTM, 0.5% BSFL
PG2-300 0-300 PSI gauge, 304L SS-1/4" NPTM, 0.5% BSFL
PG2-500 0-500 PSI gauge, 304L SS - 1/4" NPTM, 0.5% BSFL
PG2-1000 0-1,000 PSI sealed, 304L SS - 1/4" NPTM, 0.5% BSFL
PG2-5000 0-5,000 PSI sealed, 304L SS - 1/4" NPTM, 1% BSFL
Datasheets & Downloads


Pressure Range
Up to 5,000 psi
± 0.5% of full scale for ranges up to 1,000 psi
± 1% of full scale for ranges above 1,000 psi


(1) 3V CR123A Lithium


Unit Selection, Reset Zero, Display Back Light, Auto-Off


Fiberglass reinforced PP plastic
Wetted Materials
304L SS
Process Fitting
1/4" - 18 NPT


Operating & Compensated Temperature
14 to 140° F (-10 to 60deg; C)
Enclosure Rating