• MND Modbus Digital Display
  • A series of MND are connected to daisy-chained MNUs. Each measure the gallons of water in their tanks.
  • MND showing reading atop a tank. Sensor in the background.
  • MND Modbus Display
  • MND Display
  • Modbus Display

Modbus Network Display


Powerful Display In The Palm Of Your Hand

Local display that works with up to  10 sensors as a master, slave, or power source on any Modbus network.


Powerful Modbus Display
The MND can do a lot more than simply display its sensors readings. A few of our favorites include the ability to alter sensor settings using the Modbus registry and to power a sensor with its batteries. Works on any Modbus network.

Very Easy To Use
The MND Tank Cloud Modbus Display presents a lot of possibilities, but keeps operation simple. The display is controlled by three buttons that allow you to cycle through, select options, and input data.

For Local and Remote Applications
The MND is a local Modbus display that is capable of providing display functions to our remote Internet-connected sensors or acting as the Modbus Master in an exclusively local application.

Datasheets & Downloads


RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
2400, 9600, 19200, 38400 baud
Display readings


Battery Option
1 - 9V Lithium
1 - 3.6V Lithium
2 - AA Alkaline
Low battery detection with 25% increments
External Power Option
9-28 VDC


Output Options
4-20 mA
0-3 VDC
1 SPDT Relay
2 NO or NC Relays


Programmable Features
User selectable units of measure
Sniffer mode
Master mode


3" Cast-Aluminum Housing
4.15”H x 4.92"W x 3.74"D
7mmØ mounting holes, 4.25" on-center

4" Cast-Aluminum Housing
4.94”H x 5.712"W x 4.21"D
7mmØ mounting holes, 4.96" on-center

Injected-mold Plastic Housing
3.25” x 1.6” (82.6 x 40.6 mm)
5 digit LCD, 0.4 in. digits


Environmental Protection
IP67 - Plastic housing
IP68 - Aluminum housing Storage Temp
-30° - 160° F (-30° - 71° C)
Operating Temp
0° - 160° F (-18° - 71° C)