• FLE Stem Mounted Multi-Point Level Switch
  • An FLE has extra length and 7 floats attached to it. The float is placed in a tank. As water rises, the 7 floats activate 7 lights.
  • An FLE float switch sits in a field in a tank that holds water. A hose runs to it.
  • FLE / FLR Stem Mounted Float Switch Float

Stem Mounted Multi-Point Level Switch


Custom Built, Stem Mounted Float Switches

FL series multi-point level switches have up to seven switch points custom configured along a single mount for linear level measurement in tight spaces. Everything on these sensors is made-to-order from switch configurations to float types and materials.


It's hard to beat 7 switch points custom configured to your application from a single sensor.

FL Series multi-point level switches come made-to-order. From switch configurations to float types and materials, each FLE and FLR switch is built to meet your specifications.

Works in Tight Spaces
Unlike suspended float switches that require room to operate, this vertical float switch works along a probe, or stem, for linear level measurement in a tight space.

Up To Seven Switch Points
The FL Series level switch offers up to 7 switch points for increased control and savings. Monitor up to 3 different levels with a single FLE sensor, or up to 7 different levels with an FLR, all on one stem with a single mount.

Datasheets & Downloads


Switch Points
Up to 7 NO/NC
Custom Configuration


Switch Rating
20 VA, 50 VA, 180 VA
Max Current
0.5 A AC
Max Voltage
220 VAC


CSA General Purpose


Resistive, NO, NC


Mount & Stem Materials
304 SS, 316L SS
Float Materials
304 SS, 316L SS, Buna
Max Length
153 in.


Operating Temperature
14 to 212° F