• PWS Mini Level Paddle Wheel Switch
  • A PWS wheel spins freely as solids pile up. When the solid rises to the PWS, the wheel stops, which turns off the falling solids..
  • PWS spins while installed in a tank, measuring fertilizer on a tomato farm.
  • Mini Level Paddle Wheel Switch
  • PWS
  • Compact Paddle Wheel Level Switch

Mini Level Paddle Wheel Switch


Compact Paddle Wheel for Tight Spaces

Designed for small bins and hoppers, the PWS has a rugged build for tight spaces.


Compact Size
The PWS rotating padding wheel level switch is appropriate for small bins and hoppers with a compact size that fits in tight corners.

Easily Adjusted
This paddle wheel level sensor offers four different torque settings for just the right sensitivity.

Low Cost
The PWS feature a low price tag and a reliable design. Even repairs are inexpensive and easy when the occasional need arises.

Common Model Configurations

All common model configurations can be purchased online, click the model number link below. Refer to Model Number Configurator on the datasheet for a full list of configuration options.

Model Number Model Description
PWS-X-A3-4 Indoor use (IP40) with cable (300mm), 24VAC, Four van, PC, 80 x 30 mm, more than 0.3 g/cm3
PWS-X-A1-4 Indoor use (IP40) with cable (300mm), 110VAC, Four vane, PC, 80 x 30 mm, more than 0.3 g/cm3

Additional model configurations are available on our online store.

Datasheets & Downloads


1 SPDT switch
Detection Range 8 to 200 in.


Output Contact Rating
240 V 3 A AC; 30 V 3 A DC (resistive)


Electrical Connection
PWS-X: 5 conductor cable, 300 mm
PWS-Z: G 1/2


Adjustable Torque Setting
PWS-X: 390 to . 630 g/cm
PWS-Z: 270 to 500 g/cm


ADC12 and Polycarbonate or ABS (see datasheet)
Mounting Section
Galvanized Brass
Rotation Spindle
304 SS
Polycarbonate or 304 SS


Operating Temperature
PWS-X, Z, XL, ZL: 14 to 128°F (10 to 50°C)
PWS-XT: 14 to 248°F (-10 to 120°C)
Enclosure Protection