• VBL Vibrating Rod Level Switch
  • The VBL rod vibrates until the rising solids halt the vibration. In response, the solids stop falling into the tank.
  • VBL vibrates in tank containing dirt, which is falling into the tank.
  • Vibrating Rod Level Switch
  • VBL Level Switch
  • Vibrating Rod Level Switch-VBL

Vibrating Rod Level Switch


Field Adjustable Sensitivity

With several mounting options and field adjustable sensitivity settings, the VBL is perfect for a variety of solid level detection applications.


Versatile Solid Level Sensing
The VBL vibrating level switch works well with solids of many types and for silos and bins or many shapes and sizes.

Mounting Options
The VBL vibrating level switch can be mounted vertically or at 20 ° above horizontal.

Sensitivity Adjustments
The VBL vibrating level sensor allows you to adjust the sensitivity setting to accurately detect the presence of different types of solids. Sensitivity can be set on a dial from Low (large particles) to High (small particles).

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Supply Voltage
20 - 250 VAC/VDC, 50/60 Hz
Output Contact Rating
5A / 250 VAC
Power Consumption
≤ 15 VA


Terminal Block (cable not included)


Sensitivity Adjustments
High – Small particle volume/density (e.g. rice bran) Low – Large particle volume/density (e.g. plastics)
Fail Safe Modes
High or Low


Aluminum Die Cast
Vibration Probe
304 / 316 SS
Length: 10.83" (275 mm)


Operating Temperature
Housing: -40° - 140° F (-40° - 60° C)
Rod: -40° - 176° F (-40° - 80° C)
Enclosure Protection