MPXI-F with proprietary-PVDF stem with "New" label

SS and PVDF Flexible Stem Float Level Transmitter

The Explosion-Proof MPXI-F features a flexible proprietary-PVDF or 316L SS braided-tubing stem for easy installation in tall tanks.

NEW! MDI Intrisically Safe Modbus Display and Controller

Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display

Class I, Zone 1 display that can power and control a Class I, Zone 0 or Class I, Zone 1 sensor, with optional connection to external monitoring…

NEW! APG MPI-E Intrinsically Safe Level Probe

Intrinsically Safe Float Level Transmitter

Both the 0.5"∅ MPI-E and the 1.0"∅ MPI-R are built for long-lasting, dependable performance in harsh applications and hazardous locations.

NEW! APG MPI-F Intrinsically Safe Flexible Stem Level Probe

IS Flexible Float Level Transmitter For Tall Tanks

The MPI-F features a 316L SS flexible tubing braided stem that uncoils easily for simple installation in tall tanks.

NEW! APG MPI-T Intrinsically Safe Titanium Level Probe

Titanium Float Level Transmitter, Intrinsically Safe

With a 1"∅ titanium stem, Class I Div 1 and Class I Zone 0 approvals, and floats that just don't get stuck, the MPI-T is built to conquer…

NEW! APG MPI-E Chemical Intrinsically Safe Chemically Resistant Level Probe
MPI-E Chemical

IS Float Level Transmitter For Harsh Environments

With a coating to keep the probe safe in corrosive liquids, and Intrinsic Safety ratings to keep your job site safe, the MPI-E Chemical is perfect…

APG's FS-400 Stainless Steel Float Switch

Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch

With all stainless steel wetted materials, operating temperatures up to 500° F, and a 100 W switch, the series FS-400 float switch fits a wide…

APG's FS-410 Miniature Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch

Miniature Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch

At less than 2.35 inches (60 mm) in total length, and an all stainless steel construction capable of operating temperatures up to 500° F, the…

FS-500 Horizontal Float Switch from APG Sensors

Stainless Steel Horizontal Float Switch

With stainless steel wetted materials, reversible switch orientation, and CSA & NSF 169 certifications, FS-500 switches are go-anywhere, use-…

APG MPX-T API 18.2 Custody Transfer Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
MPX API 18.2

API 18.2 Custody Transfer Level Probes

The MPX-R offers a 1"-diameter, stainless steel stem, while the MPX-T uses a 1"-diameter titanium stem for a larger range of chemical…