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The Nomad Explorer is a cutting-edge, solar-powered device designed to provide reliable and efficient remote monitoring for Modbus sensors in even the most challenging environments. With an emphasis on sustainability, autonomy, and robust communication, The Nomad ensures your critical data is accessible and actionable, regardless of location.

Satellite Communication

Built to seamlessly interface with Modbus sensors, providing real-time access to their data and enabling you to make informed decisions based on accurate information. Benefit from highly accurate GPS tracking, allowing you to pinpoint the location of your device with exceptional precision. Stay informed with real-time alerts sent via email or text, enabling swift actions when critical thresholds are crossed.


  • The Home page has three displays. It is designed to give users a brief overview of their gateways.
  • Alarms are handled at the gateway level but are defined at the sensor level.
  • Gateways are the piece of the Nomad system that communicates between the sensors and the website. Users can control the communication frequencies as well as the request register readings from the “Gateway Control” tab

product specifications


  • Internal memory capable of storing up to 1024 messages
  • 750 messages a month on a regular plan


  • 2x 12V output @ 120mA each
  • Proprietary 2mm Jack for input power from solar panel
  • SMA connector for Satellite antenna
  • 2x M12 5 pins for sensors
  • 2x M12 2 pins for relays


  • Intelligent Li-polymer 3.7V @ 4500mAh with extended temperature range
  • Will charge from 14° F to 104° F(-10° C to 40° C) ; Will operate from -22° F to 140° F (-30° C to 60° C)
  • Fully charge (from full discharge) in 4h
  • Optimized for excellent performance in cold temperature


  • Box : 6” x 4.5”x 1.7”(15cm x 11.43cm x 4.3cm)
  • Solar panel : 13.5” x 14.5”(34.29cm x 36.83cm)
  • Lightweight
  • IP68 rating

frequently asked questions

Up to 250 sensors can be connected all at once.
The Nomad is optimized for excellent performance in cold temperatures. It will charge from 14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C) and will operate from -22° F to 140° F (-30° C to 60° C)
Unfortunately, no.
Setup can take anywhere between 25 to 50 minutes depending on the familiarity and knowledge of the sensors being used.
To get a quote for the Nomad, please contact us at (877) 373-5940


World Class Support

At APG, we are committed to providing exceptional product support to ensure that your experience with the Nomad Explorer is smooth, reliable, and hassle-free. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you throughout every step of your journey, from initial setup to ongoing operation and beyond.


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