PT-405 Explosion Proof, Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer

Explosion Proof, Heavy Duty

The PT-405 pressure transducer offers high accuracy and reliability over a wide range of pressures with cCSAus approvals.

PT-400 Intrinsically Safe, Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

Intrinsically Safe, Heavy Duty

The PT-400 is built for harsh environments, high vibration, high-pressure spikes, and even extended temperature compensation.

PT-200 Industrial Pressure Transducer

0.5% Industrial Pressure Transducer

The PT-200 series are rugged, general purpose sensors that offer reliable and accurate measurements under harsh conditions.

PT-L1/L3/L10 Industrial Pressure Transducer with Amplified Output

Industrial - Amplified Output

These compact, inexpensive pressure transducers have an amplified output and are great for a wide variety of uses, including OEM applications.  …

PT-L9/L13/L14 Industrial Pressure Transducer with Millivolt Output

Industrial - Millivolt Output

These inexpensive, super compact pressure transducers have a millivolt output and fit just about anywhere.