• PT-L1/L3/L10 Industrial Pressure Transducer with Amplified Output
  • Water is shown filling a pipe. As the pipe fills, pressure increases, and the diaphragm of the PT-L1 is shown under ever greater pressure. Then less pressure as less water is pumped through the pipe.
  • PT-L1 installed in a pipe. The pipe is cutaway to show a green liquid being pumped through it.
  • PT-L1 Pressure Transducer
  • PT-L10 Pressure Transducer with Amplified Output
  • Industrial Pressure Transducer with Amplified Output
  • PT-L1/L3/L10 Pressure Transducer

Industrial Pressure Transducers with Amplified Output


These compact, inexpensive pressure transducers have an amplified output and are great for a wide variety of uses, including OEM applications.  


The PT-L1/L3/L10 series is a collection of simple pressure transducers with an amplified output.

Low Cost
These pressure transducers are inexpensive and great for a wide variety of uses, including OEM applications.

Rugged Build
With your choice of 316L or 15-5 SS, these pressure sensors are built for endurance with high chemical compatibility and a solid construction.

Compact Design
The PT-L1/L3/L10 pressure transducers are built in a compact enclosure to fit your needs better.

Calibration Services

NIST Certificates and Re-Calibration

While placing an order for your PT-L1/L3/L10 pressure transmitter, or any other pressure gauge or sensor, you can ask for a NIST certificate for either 0.25% or 0.1% accuracy. You can also get a NIST certificate on your regular factory re-calibration.

Send your pressure transducer back in for a factory re-calibration on a regular basis (recommended annually). This will give you years of reliable performance.



Pressure Range
Up to 10,000 psi
B.F.S.L. ≤ 0.25% of full scale
NIST up to ± 0.1% available in select ranges
Temperature Compensation Range
Up to -40 to 180° F (-40 to 82° C)


Supply Voltage
4-20mA Output: 10-36 VDC
0-5 VDC Output: 9-33 VDC
0-10 VDC Output: 14-33 VDC
Electrical Protection Reverse polarity


0-5 VDC
0-10 VDC
Internet Connectivity
with RST-5003 (4-20mA version only)


Field Calibration
Zero and Span Adjust


15-5 or 316L SS


Operating Temperature
-40 to 180° F (-40 to 82° C)


How to Install a Threaded Pressure Transducer