• PT-L9/L13/L14 Industrial Pressure Transducer with Millivolt Output
  • Water is shown filling a pipe. As the pipe fills, pressure increases, and the diaphragm of the PT-L9 is shown under ever greater pressure. Then less pressure as less water is pumped through the pipe.
  • PT-L9 installed in a pipe
  • Industrial Pressure Transducer with Millivolt Output
  • PT-L9 Pressure Transducer with Millivolt Output
  • PT-L9/L13/L14 Pressure Transducer

Industrial Pressure Transducers with Millivolt Output


Super Compact, Millivolt Output

These inexpensive, super compact pressure transducers have a millivolt output and fit just about anywhere.


These super compact pressure transmitters produce an un-amplified mV/V output. 0-15 PSI, Absolute Pressure Reference, 1/4” NPTM, 316L SS, 5 ft. cable

Super Compact
The PT-L9/L13/L14 pressure sensors lack any electronics for programming, simply producing a millivolt output. This results in a super compact transducer that fits just about anywhere.

Very Low Cost
The simplicity of the PT-L9/L13/L14 pressure transducers means low prices for you.

Stainless Steel Construction
These sensors are built to last with your choice of 15-5 or 316L SS, for greater durability against dings and bumps, and greater chemical compatibility.

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Pressure Range
Up to 10,000 psi
B.F.S.L. ≤ 0.25% of full scale
NIST up to ± 0.1% available in select ranges
Temperature Compensation Range
Up to -40 to 180° F (-40 to 82° C)


Supply Voltage
10 VDC


10, 3, or 5 mV/V


Wetted Material
15-5 SS or 316L SS


Operating Temperature
-40 to 180° F (+50 to 82° C)


How to Install a Threaded Pressure Transducer