Controllers & Displays

Our displays and controllers are designed for flexibility and simplicity. They work very well for remote stand-alone applications where control systems are unavailable, or as a convenient display as part of a larger system.

Because they’re Modbus displays, they can show readings for up to 10 Modbus sensors. They can also program a Modbus slave without a computer.

With a few output options, you can control anything from alarms to valves. One of the most unique features is that when battery powered, our MND controller can power a slave sensor and control when it turns on and off. This is ideal for remote battery powered applications where intermittent readings are needed.

Most of our displays and controllers are used as a convenient way to cycle through several readings on a single display. However, they’re capable of running a simple level control system.

One of the most unique ways our displays are used is to power a remote sensor, as mentioned above. For example, one of our customers has a fleet of tanker trucks. They needed an easy, but durable, way to monitor the levels inside the tanks and provide a local display. The catch was that they didn’t want to wire power to the sensor.

Our MND was a perfect match. It’s batteries power the sensor, and it’s control functions conserve battery life. When the ON button is pushed, the display automatically powers up the sensors, waits for the measurement, and powers the sensor down. The display itself stays on long enough (user programmable) to record the measurement before turning off - automatically.

The DCR controller series is commonly used on smaller tanks for level measurement display, alarming, and pump control.


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