Level Switches

Our level switches provide flexible solutions for various liquid and solids handling applications. Choose from our pneumatic, paddle wheel, or vibrating level switches with adjustable settings to meet your specific needs.

The three different level switches work in three different ways:

NLS Pneumatic Level Switch

Our NLS pneumatic level switch uses a ½ in. pipe to capture a column of trapped air. As the liquid level rises, it traps the air in the pipe attached to the bottom of the sensor. As the level rises a bit further, it compresses the air inside the pipe enough to trigger a mechanical switch in the housing.

You can choose how long your pipe will be to adjust the switch point level.

PWS Paddle Wheel Switch

Paddle wheel switches are a common measurement tool in the solids processing/handling industry. It uses a paddle wheel that spins freely until the solid material fills up enough to stop it. When the wheel stops spinning, the level switch is triggered.

Our PWS offers 4 different torque settings to get the sensitivity just right.

VBL Vibrating Level Switch

Similar to the paddle wheel. The vibrating level switch is waiting for the solid material to fill up and stop it. But instead of spinning a wheel, it vibrates a rod.

And it also includes a few different sensitivity settings to work with a greater variety of materials.


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