VersaMount Kit 1 (Quick Deploy Tripod)


Your VersaMount Kit 1 should come with the following:

  • A tripod
  • A pole
  • A pole cap
  • Three (3) 16” J-hooks

Step 1: Select a setup location. Find a flat area where you want to set up your tripod. Even if the ground is uneven, try to select a spot that is as flat as possible. This will help stabilize your tripod.

Step 2: Use the J-hooks to secure the tripod into the ground.

Step 3: Check with a bubble level. Place a bubble level on a center pole. Check for level, from front to back and side to side. Adjust the legs if necessary.

Step 4: Test for stability by gently shaking the tripod. If it wobbles, adjust the legs until it feels stable.

Step 5: Once your tripod is stable, you can proceed to attach a center pole. Use the provided screw sets to secure it in place.


Tripod: 3’ made of 1.25” tubing

J-hook: 16” long

Pole: 1-5/8” diameter x 16’ length

Pole Cap: 1-5/8” diameter

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