• LOE Web Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensor and Modbus Controller
  • An LOE installed in a water tank sends a series of signals via wire to a computer sitting on a desk. Ultrasonic waves bounce off the water and back to the signal.
  • A laptop sits on a table, connected to two LOEs
  • LOE Tank Cloud Controller
  • LOE Ultrasonic Level Sensor
  • LOE Web Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensor
  • LOE Modbus Controller

Web Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensor and Modbus Controller


Flexible Remote Monitoring For Any Network Connection

Designed for remote measurement, the LOE series connects to the internet to provide online monitoring via Tank Cloud for up to 10 APG Modbus sensors.


Our flagship Tank Cloud ultrasonic level sensor is flexible enough for any network connection

The LOE ultrasonic sensor line is designed for remote level measurement. This is traditionally a very expensive endeavor. We simply tie into the existing Internet backbone for inexpensive, web-based remote level measurement.

Web-Based Programming
LOE liquid level sensors are fully programmable for various applications, giving the user complete control. In addition, the LOE can be programmed remotely via the Internet, in the comfort of your office.

Intuitive Web Interface
The online monitoring portal at levelandflow.com is a powerful tool for remotely monitoring levels no matter the distance. The site offers data logging, email and text (sms) alarms, and more, all in an intuitive, easy-to-use package.

Common Model Configurations

All common model configurations can be purchased online, click the model number link below. Refer to Model Number Configurator on the datasheet for a full list of configuration options.

Model Number Model Description
LOE-2126-0000 1-25 ft. range, 69 kHz frequency, 2" NPT, 2 relay outputs
LOE-3136-0000 1.5-40 ft. range, 43 kHz frequency, 3" NPT, 2 relay outputs


Operating Range
7 to 180 in.
1 to 25 ft.
1.5 to 40 ft.
±0.25% of detected range
0.1 in.


Supply Voltage
24 VDC
POE Optional (requires POE injector or switch)


RS-485 Modbus
Ethernet TCP/IP
Two Isolated Solid State Relays
Data Portals


Online Data Portal
LAN Embedded Website


Polycarbonate/PET blend upper housing
PVDF transducer housing
2 in. or 3 in. NPT


Operating Temperature
-40 to 140° F
Temperature Compensation
Protection Rating


Introducing Tank Cloud Remote Tank Level Monitoring

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