• RST-5003 Web Enabled Control Modules
  • A cable winds back and forth, connecting 10 MNUs in tanks to an RST-5003. Each tanks' water level moves up and down independently.
  • RST-5003 sitting on a table, connected to a series of tanks out in the distance.
  • Web Enabled Control Modules
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  • RST-5003 Web Enabled Control Module - APG Sensors

RST-5003 Web Enabled Control Modules


Connecting More Sensors To The Cloud

Connects up to 10 Modbus sensors in a daisy-chain network or a single 4-20 mA sensor to Tank Cloud.


RST-5003 series Web Enabled Modbus Network Controllers connect APG Tank Cloud sensors to the cloud, as well as any 4-20mA sensor. You'll need this connection module unless you're using an LOE as your Tank Cloud master.

Inexpensive Communications
Unlike competing methods for remote monitoring, the RST-5003 simply connects to a pre-existing Internet connection via an Ethernet cable - be it landline, radio, cellular, or satellite.

Extremely Easy Set-Up
Simply connect the RST-5003 web enabled control module to any Tank Cloud daisy-chain network, or any 4-20mA sensor, via the input terminal and plug in an Ethernet cable. The module will send sensor data through the Ethernet cable to a local area network or the Internet.

Local and Remote Alarming
In addition to the alarming options with our online data portal, the RST-5003 control module has up to two isolated solid-state relays for local alarms and control.

Common Model Configurations

All common model configurations can be purchased online, click the model number link below. Refer to Model Number Configurator on the datasheet for a full list of configuration options.

Model Number Model Description
RST-5003 4-20 mA input, RS-485 interface, 2 relay outputs
Datasheets & Downloads


Local Alarm
2 Isolated Solid-State Relays
Remote Alarm
Text (sms) Alarms (requires online service)
Email Notifications (requires online service)


Power Over Ethernet Option
48 VDC POE (requires POE injector or switch)
24 VDC output to power sensor
DC Powered Option
24 VDC supply, No POE injector required
Current Draw
40 mA at 48 VDC
130 mA max (Isolated SSRs)


RS-485 Modbus, 4-20mA, 0-2 Discrete Switches
Ethernet TCP/IP
0-2 Isolated Solid State Relays
Data Portals


LAN (module embedded website)
Scaling Options
Volume, Level, Distance, Weight
Other user-defined units


33 mm Din-Rail


Operating Temperature
-40 to +140° F (-40 to 60° C)


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