NEW! APG MPI-T Intrinsically Safe Titanium Level Probe

Titanium Float Level Transmitter, Intrinsically Safe

With a 1"∅ titanium stem, Class I Div 1 and Class I Zone 0 approvals, and floats that just don't get stuck, the MPI-T is built to conquer…

APG MPX-T API 18.2 Custody Transfer Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
MPX API 18.2

API 18.2 Custody Transfer Level Probes

The MPX-R offers a 1"-diameter, stainless steel stem, while the MPX-T uses a 1"-diameter titanium stem for a larger range of chemical…

MND Modbus Digital Display

Modbus Network Display

Local display that works with up to  10 sensors as a master, slave, or power source on any Modbus network.

MPX-F Flexible Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter

Flexible Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter

The MPX-F features a 316L SS flexible tubing braided stem that uncoils easily for simple installation in tall tanks.

MPX-R Magnetostricive Float Level Transmitter

Explosion Proof Float Level Transmitter

The MPX-E’s light weight design makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, while the MPX-R’ s large, robust floats and stem make it…

RST-5003 Web Enabled Control Modules

Web Enabled Control Modules

Connects up to 10 Modbus sensors in a daisy-chain network or a single 4-20 mA sensor to Tank Cloud.

MPX-E Chemical-Chemically Resistant Level Transmitter
MPX-E Chemical

Chemically Resistant Level Transmitter

With a chemical resistant coating and a Kynar® float, the MPX-E Chemical delivers precision measurements in corrosive, acidic and marine…