Discover answers to frequently asked questions about calibration services, including types of calibration, traceability, and certification. Rely on APGSENSORS for accurate and reliable calibration solutions.
Yes. We offer NIST certificates for our pressure products. On certain pressure ranges, we can offer a NIST certificate for accuracies up to 0.1% FS.
Yes. We can calibrate anything we make. Contact us via phone, email, or live chat to discuss your calibration needs and to get a quote.
The answer to this question depends largely on your expectations for accuracy. Many quality departments have an adequate calibration schedule that we can safely defer to. However, as we expect a high degree of accuracy, we recommend a calibration once per year.
We can calibrate pressure sensors and gauges to a higher accuracy than our standard option if it falls within select pressure ranges. Most pressure ranges above 100 psi and below 10,000 psi are capable of accuracies up to 0.1%. If you haven't already had us calibrate to that level of accuracy, we can still get you there.

Most of our sensors can be programmed in the field. This includes setting your minimum (zero) and maximum (span) set points. Let's break it down a little for you:

  • Ultrasonic sensors are all field programmable. In this process, you'll set your min and max set points as desired. You can redo this process as needed.

  • Continuous float level transmitters are not field programmable. They leave our facility already calibrated, and this should last the life of the sensor.

  • Our submersible pressure transducers are even capable of some quick field calibration. You can re-zero the sensor using a magnet.

  • Digital pressure gauges are also fully programmable. You can set the zero and span on each gauge.

  • Our pressure transmitters, except for our hammer union pressure transducer, also have a zero and span adjustment.

Calibration is really done for pressure sensors. Our level sensors don't experience drift over time like a pressure sensor will. Send your pressure sensor back in for calibration on a regular basis, at least once per year, to ensure the best accuracy possible.

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