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Why You Should Re-Consider Your Go-To Sensor

Everybody has favorites. There’s nothing wrong with that. But when you stop considering the best option for you application, it becomes a problem.

Float Switch Maintenance For Your Water Tank | Blog

The best maintenance for mission-critical equipment is preventative maintenance. You know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and

How To Measure LBS in a Hydraulic System

  There are many who use one of our digital pressures gauges to measure pounds of force in a hydraulic system. This is

DDD Din Mounted Digital Display Panel Meter

For level and pressure monitoring, dial gauges are all kinds of fun and cool--if you are into retro, steampunk-style fantasy. If you have

Continuous Level Measurement | APG Sensors

Editor's note: This is our first detailed look at the Liquid Level Sensor Technology Decision Tree. You can find the overview here. Let’s

Program The DCR-1006A To Read In Gallons

The DCR-1006A is a controller for our Modbus ultrasonic sensors with backwards compatibility for our long-running DST ultrasonics. It also works with our
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