• PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transmitter for Dirty Liquids
  • A PT-500-30's cage is shown being removed and replaced. Then, it is shown being put into a tank of water. A cross section shows the diaphragm being pushed against by the increased pressure as the liquid goes up and down.
  • PT-500-P30 submerged in water
  • PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducer with Tri-clover Process Connection
  • Submersible Pressure Transducer for Dirty Liquids

Submersible Pressure Transmitter For Dirty Liquids


Durability In Submerged Environments

The PT-500-P30 has a choice of patented removable, reusable or fixed, welded cage, and is designed for use in caustic, turbulent, and dirty liquid.


For caustic, turbulent, and dirty liquids. The PT-500 is the pinnacle of durability with a 316L SS, patented cage, and built-in lightning transience protection.

The PT-500 is designed for reliability in waste water and other dirty or turbulent liquids. Its unique set of features puts it in a class of its own:

  • Built-in lightning transience protection
  • Class 1, Div. 1/Zone 0 certification
  • Choice of patented re-usable cage or fixed, welded cage
  • Field adjustable zero
  • Conduit mounting threads
  • Ingenious and compact vent tube filter cap
  • Single seal for highest safety factor
Calibration Services

NIST Certificates and Re-Calibration

When you buy a PT-500 submersible pressure transducer, or any of our pressure sensors, request a NIST certificate for accuracy up to 0.1% full scale. We can do the same on your regular factory re-calibration, which we recommend doing annually.

Have your submersible pressure transducer re-calibrated at our factory on a regular basis. This will ensure accurate and reliability performance for years.

Common Model Configurations

All common model configurations can be purchased online, click the model number link below. Refer to Model Number Configurator on the datasheet for a full list of configuration options.

Model Number Model Description
PT-500C-5-PSI-G-L1-E0-P39-40-N0 4-20 mA output, 0-5 PSI, removable cage and 1-1/2" tri-clover, 40 ft. PVC cable
PT-500C-10-PSI-G-L1-E0-P39-40-N0 4-20 mA output, 0-10 PSI, removable cage and 1-1/2" tri-clover, 40 ft. PVC cable
PT-500C-15-PSI-G-L1-E0-P39-60-N0 4-20 mA output, 0-15 PSI, removable cage and 1-1/2" tri-clover, 60 ft. PVC cable
PT-500C-20-PSI-G-L1-E0-P39-60-N0 4-20 mA output, 0-20 PSI, removable cage and 1-1/2" tri-clover, 60 ft. PVC cable


To 575 ft. (250 psi) deep
B.F.S.L. ≤ 0.25% of span
1 year stability ≤ 0.25% of span
Temperature Compensation Range
32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C)
Temperature Error (reference temp 70° F)
Zero: ≤ 0.025% F.S./°F
Span: ≤ 0.025% F.S./°F


Lightning Transience Protection
Built In, Protected against reverse polarity, surge per IEC 61000-4-5
External Power
10-28 VDC
Vented Urethane Cable
Tensile Strength up to 200 lbs


Lightning Transience Protection
Compliant with IEC 61000-4-5 Standards for electrical surges
CSA Intrinsically Safe
Class 1, Div. 1 Groups C & D
Single Seal


RS-485 Modbus
0-5 VDC
Internet Connectivity
Tank Cloud Compatible (Modbus version)
4-20mA version via RST-5003


mA & VDC Output:
Field Zero Adjustment
Modbus Output:
Modbus Software
mV/V Output:


316L SS Sensor
Urethane Cable
Hytrel® Cable
PVC Cable
Patented Removable/Reusable (U.S. Patent No. 7,787,330)


Operating Temperature
0 to 180° F
Enclosure Protection
Submersible to 575 ft.


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