NIST Certification


APG provides NIST certification to help you stay compliant with ISO standards. We can certify many of our pressure transducers or digital pressure gauges, and re-calibrate and re-certify them as needed, according to your service schedule.

In addition, when you send your pressure sensors back in, we give you the option of a NIST certification before and after calibration. This aids your record-keeping and can extend the time between certification services if your sensor shows no drift.

Keep in mind that a NIST certification is a guarantee that your pressure transducer, or digital pressure gauge, was properly calibrated when it left our factory. It is not a guarantee that the calibration will last for a specific amount of time.

The accuracy of your certification can vary, depending either upon your preference, the pressure range, and - if you have a digital pressure gauge - the resolution of your display. We offer up to 0.1% accuracy for some pressure ranges.

Contact us to order your pressure sensors with a NIST certification, or to schedule a recalibration. Talk to our customer support group to understand your options for accuracy, and make sure you ask about a before and after certification.