Can your controllers read more than one sensor?
Yes, our MND can. The MND is a Modbus display and can be a snooper or a server. In either case, it can cycle through readings of up to 10 of our Modbus sensors.
Will the parameters be saved after a blackout?
Yes. All of our programmable sensors and controllers have a non-volatile memory that will keep your parameters in the event of a blackout.
Can I use DC or AC power my controller?
Yes, on the DCR controllers. They have wiring strips for each.
Can I use an RF connector for communication?
Yes. It's still an option for the DCR-1006A. It may be a new design with improved features, but we kept the form factor and backwards compatibility with older sensors to better serve our customers. Part of that effort is keeping the RF connector option available.
Is there a simple display for my pressure transducer?
Yes. Our MND Modbus display can connect to any modbus sensor, including our PT-400 and PT-500/3 series submersibles. In addition, you can purchase a digital pressure gauge with a tethered display. This let's you mount the sensor in those tight spaces and keep the display in a convenient location.