Do you have a simple mechanical float switch?
Yes. Our FT-100 series is a simple cable suspended float switch with one switch point. Our MLS model is a tank mounted switch on a rod and can be easily adjusted to get the right level. Finally, our LF models are miniature switches that are tank mounted as well. They're meant to be installed right at the switching level.
Can your float switches work in hazardous locations?
Yes. Most float switches are, by definition, a simple apparatus. You can install a simple apparatus in a hazardous location as long as you're wiring intrinsically safe. In other words, the float switch has to be wired to an appropriate safety barrier or isolator.

For our more complex FL series, we have a Class 1, Div 1 certification on our FLX model.

How can I use fewer cable suspended float switches?
Simple, buy a Kari float switch. It has up to 4 switches in a single float. So you can have a high and low switch point with a high and low alarm, or you can have 4 individual switching levels in a single float.

You can also get a Kari model with 1, 2, and 3 switches in them. They come in 19 different configurations - including built-in hysteresis - for multiple pump control and alarming applications.

Can your float switches withstand high temperatures?
That depends on your definition of high temperature. Some of our miniature models can operate in temperatures up to 390° F. Our FL series maxes out at 212° F. Our cable suspended models can only do 140° F.
Can I change the NO/NC state?
Yes, on a few of them. Certain of our miniature line (LF series) allow you to flip the float to change the NO/NC state.
Can the MLS switch point be adjusted?
Yes. The float can be moved up and down the rod to adjust the switch point. Simply move the float stops. You can also cut the rod to size.
Can your float switches be used in a pressurized tank?
Yes, until you reach the limitations of the mounting threads. Cable suspended float switches do not come with mounting threads. They're intended for non-pressurized environments.