Can your switches be installed where there is no power?
No. Each float switch will need signal current in order to communicate.
Which switches are good for bulk solids?
We have two models that are ideal for bulk solid level control. The VBL is a vibrating rod and the PWS is a paddle wheel switch. Each has a few varieties and has a few different sensitivity adjustments.
Can these be mounted horizontally?
Yes. The PWS and VBL can be mounted horizontally and vertically. The NLS is designed to be mounted at the top of a tank.
Can your level switches be used in hazardous locations?
Yes, if you wire it as a simple apparatus with the appropriate intrinsic safety barrier or isolator.
Will the switches work in different types of solids?
Yes. Both solid level switches, the PWS and VBL, have a few different sensitivity settings that can be adjusted in the field. This will allow you to work with a variety of materials.