Does Tank Cloud work with cellular or satellite modems?
Yes. Tank cloud server sensors and modules plug into any Internet connection via Ethernet cable. We work with a few companies who provide cellular and satellite connections and integrate especially well with our sensors. Let's talk about your application and we can refer you to the right cellular or satellite provider.
Are Tank Cloud sensors wireless?
No. Tank cloud sensors use wires to communicate to each other and to the Internet. However, you can use wireless transceivers to create a wireless network. Let's talk about your application and we can make an appropriate recommendation.
What outputs does Tank Cloud accept?
Tank Cloud communication between sensors is based on Modbus RTU via RS-485. However, our RST-5003 module has a 4-20mA input and can publish that signal to the web or your control system. Our server sensors and modules communicate to the web or your control network using Modbus TCP/IP via Ethernet cables.
Can I power your sensors with batteries?
Yes you can. To make it a lot easier, we have relationships with a few companies that integrate well with Tank Cloud, including one who provides impressive battery life and wireless mesh communication. Contact us to learn more.
Is there a way to monitor these sensors offline?
Yes, there are a few ways to keep tabs on your sensors other than logging into our online data portal. First, we have a local display called the MND. This is a Modbus display that simply displays the readings of up to 10 of our Modbus sensors. Second, you can receive text message and email alerts on your mobile phone. Third, you can connect these to your own system, and then you set the rules and capabilities of data access and communication. You'll need to know how to work with Modbus, but we're happy to give you the information you need to integrate our sensors.
Why do you charge additional fees for data logging and alarms?
We have to charge a monthly fee for data logging and alarms because it costs us considerably more to provide those services. Hosting the data for you to view doesn't cost us much (though it does cost us). But once we add data logging (storage), and alarms (data sending/receiving), the load on the server is increased dramatically. Therefore, we get charged a lot more to provide those services.

The good news is, unlike just about everyone else, our online data portal service is free without those two features.

Can I host my own data?
Yes. We use Modbus protocol. If you know how to work with Modbus, you can develop your own platform, online or offline, to gather and store the data. Contact us to discuss this option.