Wireless Tank Level Monitoring Solutions

three tanks in the middle of nowhereIf tank level measurement is crucial to your business, sooner or later you may need to monitor tank level activity at a remote location. This will require two pieces of technology: a sensor to do the monitoring, and communication equipment to give you remote access to the sensor data.

For many remote monitoring situations, fully wired scenarios are difficult or impractical at best. Cellular modems, wireless mesh radios, and wireless serial radios are popular technology choices for transmitting data where cabling is physically impossible or cost prohibitive.

Let’s look at how each one works.

The Best Preventative Maintenance For Your Water Tank Float Switch

The best maintenance for mission-critical equipment is preventative maintenance. You know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and there’s no emergency scrambling. The necessary system downtime pays for itself in on-going system reliability.

But hands down, the best preventative maintenance isn’t done during scheduled down time, or any time after installation. It’s done when you buy your equipment.

Float Switch Installation Wiring And Control Diagrams

control wiringHow do I install and wire my float switch? Where can I find a float switch circuit diagram? Where can I find a float switch wiring diagram? You asked, and today, we answer.

Wiring a float switch isn’t necessarily hard, but it can be a little confusing if you don’t have a visual aid or two. Remember that what you’re wiring is a means of turning things on and off. Thinking carefully about when you want something off, and when it should turn on, will help you as you visualize the wiring and apply the schematic to real world control.

We’re going to look at a progression of straightforward pump control arrangements using float switches. We’ll look at single and double switch arrangements and how to wire them, and then look at equivalent circuits using Kari series float switches.

18 Programmable Settings You Need In An Ultrasonic Sensor

ultrasonic level sensor programmingLike anything else, there are both cheap and good quality ultrasonic sensors out there. Besides good manufacturing, one of the major differences between a good sensor and everything else is programmability. While non-configurable sensors might seem like a bargain, the advantages of programmable sensors add up to dependable readings and better control of your operation.

Since we can’t speak for all ultrasonic sensors on the market, let’s explore some of the benefits offered through our sensor’s programmable settings. Here are the 18 settings you can adjust in an APG ultrasonic sensor for optimal performance: