3 Advantages of the DDX Explosion Proof Panel Meter

Use the DDX Explosion Proof Panel Meter on oil and gas drilling rigsIf inventory control is part of your job, then worrying about product levels is just something you do. “Do we have enough? How do I know we have enough? What do the sensors say? Can I trust the sensors?” These questions are a natural part of the job. Adding hazardous locations to the mix only makes the questions more stressful. It’s important in these types of situations to have the best and safest equipment possible and often this means explosion proof panel meters.

Three Ways the DDD Din Mounted Digital Display Panel Meter Gives You More Flexibility

broken gaugeFor level and pressure monitoring, dial gauges are all kinds of fun and cool--if you are into retro, steampunk-style fantasy. If you have actual tanks, pipes, vessels, or processes that need to be monitored, dial gauges only make sense if you don’t like options, because dial gauges have no options. They only show one reading, in one place, with no other connection options. The Series DDD Din Mount Digital Display Panel Meter from APG, on the other hand is built for practical versatility, not fantasy. From installation flexibility to input and output options, the DDD has a range of features that make dial gauges look, well, obsolete.

Three Ways the DDL Large Digital Display Panel Meter Helps You Save

Lots of gauges and dials, but no visible readoutsSo, you’re looking for a digital panel meter. Preferably a panel meter with a large display. APG’s Series DDL Large Digital Display Panel Meter has a name that certainly fits the bill. But the DDL is more than just another panel meter with a large display: It’s THE panel meter with a large display, and it will help you save time, save money, and give you peace of mind. Want to see how?

APG Introduces Three New Digital Panel Meters

APG's Digital Display Panel Meters

LOGAN, UT – Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) introduces three new analog-input digital panel meters: the Series DDD Din Mount Digital Display, the Series DDL Large Digital Display, and the Series DDX Explosion Proof Digital Display.

APG’s new Digital Display panel meters showcase your critical information where you need it to be seen. Each one features a two-line, six-character display with eight display intensity levels. With an accuracy spec of 0.3% across all three series, you can be confident that measurement sent to the panel meter is the measurement it will display. Every Digital Display panel meter accepts a range of current or voltage analog inputs, and comes with one discrete digital input. Any outputs, from an isolated 4-20 mA to two or four SPDT switches, is up to you.