MNU IS Intrinsically Safe Modbus Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Intrinsically Safe Modbus Ultrasonic Sensor

Rugged, low-power, and rated Intrinsically Safe for hazardous location, with optional Gas Discharge Tube Surge Protection.

Automation Products Group Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Modbus Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Built for any situation that requires Modbus, the MNU ultrasonic level sensor is…

LOE Web Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensor and Modbus Controller

Web Enabled Sensor and Modbus Controller

Designed for remote level measurement, the LOE ultrasonic level sensor series connects to the internet to provide online…


Object Detection Ultrasonic Sensor

The IRU-2000 ultrasonic sensor has a surface mount for flat surfaces and is ideal for absence/presence detecting, object…

IRU-2420 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Mid Range Ultrasonic Level Sensor: 25 Feet

Our mid range ultrasonic sensor is designed with flexibility in mind, this series features Autosense software for quick, easy…

IRU-3430 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Long Range Ultrasonic Sensor: 50 Feet

Our long range ultrasonic sensor is designed with flexibility in mind. This series…

IRU-5415 Ultrasonic Level Sensor for small tanks and totes from APG sensors

Short Range Ultrasonic Sensor: 79 Inches

Short-range ultrasonic level sensor designed with flexibility in mind, this series…

Ultrasonic level sensor with data logging used for level measurement

Mid Range-30 Feet- with Data Logging

The IRU-6429 features autosense software for quick and easy programming, and an excitation for datalogging.

IRU-9400 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

High Sensitivity Ultrasonic Sensor: 35 Feet

The IRU-9400 is one of our indoor ultrasonic sensors with a more sensitive transducer to detect difficult targets such as…

LPU-2127 Loop Powered Ultrasonic Sensor

Loop Powered Ultrasonic Sensor

The LPU-2127 loop-powered ultrasonic sensor features a built in keypad and LCD display for easy programming that can be done…

LPU-2428 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Intrinsically Safe: 4-20 mA Output

Made for highly configurable measurement in linear and non-linear tanks and channels, the LPU-2428 ultrasonic transmitter can…

DST-2421 Ultrasonic Level Sensor 25 ft.

Mid Range Pump Control Ultrasonic Sensor

These ultrasonic transmitters are programmable via the DCR controller series, and are often used for level-based pump control…