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Modbus Ultrasonic Level Sensor


Modbus Flexibility Meets High Performance Ultrasonic

Built for any situation that requires Modbus, the MNU ultrasonic level sensor is compatible with any Modbus controller, and can perform level monitoring online via Tank Cloud.

Product Description

Full-featured line for the Modbus RTU protocol. It's Tank Cloud compatible and works seamlessly with our MND display.

Modbus Sensor Output

The MNU ultrasonic level sensor is compatible with any Modbus controller or PLC with an RS-485 Modbus RTU output.

Easy Wiring & Set-up

Everything about MNU remote tank ultrasonic level sensor setup is easy, from simple daisy chain wiring to remote configuration via the Internet.


The MNU ultrasonic level sensor is not only built for Tank Cloud remote level monitoring applications, but for any situation where a Modbus ultrasonic sensor is required.

Common Applications

  • Water / Wastewater
  • Sewer / Lift Stations
  • Tank Monitoring

Common Modbus Sensor Model Configurations

All common ultrasonic sensor model configurations can be purchased online, click the model number link below. Refer to Model Number Configurator on the datasheet for a full list of configuration options.

Model Number Model Description
MNU-2424-C6 1-25 ft. range, 69 kHz, 2" NPT, 6 ft. Cable
MNU-3434-C6 1.5-40 ft. range, 43 kHz, 3" NPT, 6 ft. cable
MNU-8424-C6 1-25 ft. range, 81 kHz, GDT Surge Protection, 2" NPT, 6 ft. cable

Datasheets & Downloads




Operating Range
4 to 79 in.
1 to 25 ft.
1.5 to 40 ft.
±0.25% of detected range


Operating Voltage
8-24 VDC
Total Current Draw


RS-485 Mobus RTU
Data Portals


Online Data Portal
Modbus Register


PC/PBT blend upper housing
Ceramic transducer, PVDF faced
1 in., 2 in., or 3 in. NPT


Operating Temperature
-30 to 140° F
Temperature Compensation
Protection Rating